Easel can't handle file anymore

I used to be able to carve this on acrylic and I did it a number of times in the past. I tried to carve it now and it is stuck on ‘simulating toolpath’. After a while, my browser refreshes saying it was using too much memory. What is happening?

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your file will not open it says
This project has not been shared publicly

It is now

definitely freezes when simulate tool path is pressed.

I believe it is from so many nodes.

but I remember carving this same file many times… something must have changed in Easel, this last major upgrade maybe. The project file is the same. Same happened with other similar projects. Now I can’t sell my lamps anymore… :frowning:

I just opened it and it simulated it in no time. Worked fine for me

Which browser are you using? Are you on Windows or Mac?

Windows and Chrome

Just export the Gcode and use a different sender. Picsender or UGS comes to mind. Ugs is free I use picsender and it works great

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