Easel Carve Path

I’d like to see Easel carve a more intelligently. What I noticed is that it doesn’t carve based upon where an item is located, but what item was created first.

In the above picture I created the text in order. What Easel will do is carve the One in the upper right hand corner, then carve the two in the lower left, then the three in the lower right, four in the upper left and then carve the five that it has passed over several times. This to me is horribly inefficient. Esp if you’ve got a lot of little items that you’ve rearranged in different locations the x-carve will spend more time traveling to and from cuts than it does cutting.


It’s not just Easel. Even VCarve Pro doesn’t try to carve using any kind of Neighbors first, then search clockwise for next neighborhood algorithm.

This is the kind of thing that makes me wish Easel was open source. Creating a new algorithm for more efficient search of vectors would be something I’d love to contribute.

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This is my biggest disappointment so far. I have been searching the forum with no answers :frowning: