Easel - Combine Object and Undo Combine Feature request

Hi, Is there anyway to add a feature under the Edit tab “Combine” & “Undo Combine”? Thank you!

there is already a “combine” operation available there (you must have multiple shapes selected). Ctrl+Z will undo the combine operation

it uses an action buffer rather than an an object buffer so you can’t do several other actions and directly reverse it

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Thank you for your response. Next time I will make sure it is exactly what I want prior to selecting combine lol :wink:

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Hi Nox, I have been using Easel for 2 years and suddenly I can’t see the “combine” button at the bottom of my screen???

The combine function is available by selecting more than one design element and going to Edit>Combine OR by Right Clicking and selecting “Combine” OR by Pressing Crtl+J

I have never seen a combine button at the bottom of the screen since I started using the software in 2017.