Easel compatibility?

So, I had my carve running off a Raspberry Pi, but I shut everything down and now the Pi isn’t loading the Driver. i really don’t feel like going thru the headache of trying to get it to work again. So I’m looking for a super cheap option. I found this machine but they don’t give a lot of spec info so i was curious if anyone had used this.


I used a SEEED Odyssey mini-pc which has similar specs and it runs well, so you should be fine. I’ve run it in windows 10 and Ubuntu (preferred) and both are certainly fast enough. The intel integrated graphics are just fine (not like easel is maya doing a render of the next Pixar movie), and if you were happy on a rpi this will be a smidge quicker. Obviously the usual warnings about windows apply (manage your updates so you don’t get a restart update in the middle of a carve) - I do like how Ubuntu lets me set settings for automatic updates requiring a restart and ones that don’t. I have my machine set as a dual-boot so I can switch between Ubuntu or windows in case I need a special piece of software.