Easel Connection Issues OSX

First off, I love my X Carve…when it will connect to my computer. I’m running a MBP, Intel 2.5 GHz I5 processor, 64 bit with El Captain OS. From reading other posts, I understand that there was an issue with El Captain when it was first launched. Are there still issues with using it to connect to the X Controller? I have been trying to connect for the better part of two hours now and I’m ready to pull my hair out.

Did you install the Mac driver for Easel?

I’ve got an old MacBook Air running El Cap dedicated to the xcarve … no issues at all using easel to drive it I even flip between UGS, a Windows VM with Aspire and easel on that Mac with no issues.

Please contact Customer Support at 312-775-7009 or help@inventables.com