Easel Controling Multiple X-Carve/Shapeoko 2 machines

I just picked up an X-Carve to keep my old Shapeoko 2 company, and am finding switching back and forth to be cumbersome, as it requires the whole setup to be run through every switch, and made more so by the fact Easel doesn’t differentiate the Easel files made for one machine or another.

I want Easel to keep track of my two machines so I don’t have to set them up every time I switch, let me send files to either, and the Easel files grouped by machine or labeled via color (which would be a useful feature on it’s own) or tags or some other message.

I really don’t want to provide another computer and sign up for another easel account just to keep things organized.


Presumably because they’re different sizes and use different controllers

You shouldn’t have to run the setup. If you can connect, you should be good to go.

Hi Neil, Jon. We will be releasing some functionality very soon which allows for multiple machine profiles to be saved for Easel Pro users. This will allow you to switch between machine profiles in the same account/computer, and should work as a plug-and-play with just changing out USB cables. When this is released I will make a forum post about it as well.

In regards to the project organization feedback, thank you for the suggestions. This is also an area we are currently working on improving.

Thanks! And BTW, Jon, I’ve always been a fan of the art on Twig cases!