Easel crashes when loading specific SVG

I made a very detailed sign using a different carving machine a few years ago. That machine is no longer working so I want to make the same sign with x-carve. As far as I know I can’t simply open the file from that machine in Easel. So what I did was take a picture of the sign I made and converted that to SVG using an online service called “vector magic”. All of that seemed to go well, but importing it into Easel is the problem. It has over 800 objects. I opened it in inkscape and tried reducing that number, but looked like it was leaving holes in the image.

This sign is approx. 17"x10"x.5". Any ideas what I could do to get it rolling?

Can you post the svg?

Here is what I had converted.

Sign SVG

I’ll give that go. Thanks.

Do you need all these objects? as Phil said you need to merge all these areas with different shades of the same color, this will use probably 30 objects after that :smiley:

I guess I don’t need them all. What I did was copy a sign using a CarveWright scanner probe. It was very detailed. I’m not sure why Vector Magic made it so colorful. Maybe I should remove the background and try it again. That will probably remove a lot of the color. The actual sign only has 2 colors, brown and red.

There’s a lot more detail in it than that svg shows. The wood looks old weathered, but it’s the carve that did it. That scanning probe is really cool. The original piece I took that from was a Styrofoam halloween decoration. The probe destroyed the foam, but the result was really cool I think.