Easel Crashing after last step

Hello, I need some help figuring out why Easel isn’t carving after last step. I haven’t done anything different from any other project I have worked on. I connect, go through all the steps, the spindle is has raised, i confirmed it is on and raised, hit carve, easel recreates toolpaths, then nada, nothing happens. The spindle just sits there spinning. I can turn power off and back on and the spindle will turn off and on. Here is the file I’m working on, can someone else run it and see if it will actually start moving? http://easel.inventables.com/projects/t4PkSW7czpsdpZi3fTwHbg

Thanks! Today is not the day to be having issues, I’m on a deadline and of course this happens. LOL

is it Crashing or just going unresponsive?

I guess its more like going unresponsive.

Ok thought so, when that happens its a sign that what you are trying to get easel to carve is too complex. Break the jobs down into different carvings. Its probably hanging up on the skates with wings.

alright, cool ill give it a shot. Thanks for looking at it for me.

No worries if you need anything just let me know