Easel Creating 15 blank projects overnight

For a while now, Easel will create 2 new projects when I click “new project”. Overnight it reached unprecedented levels and now I have 15 blank Easel projects. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey @Rcannon95, sorry for this. I’ve been trying to replicate the issue, but can’t get it to create more than 1 project when clicking new project. I’ve tried the shortcut in the project browser and File > New.

Does the issue still exist (its been a few days)?

It somewhat still does, it creates 2 every time I click new project.

Okay, i’ve been able to replicate the issue. It seems to be localized to firefox (correct me if I’m wrong). Clicking “Start a new project” will open 2 tabs (both an empty project with separate URLs) and both projects get saved.

Its in our issue tracker, and we’ll take care of it as soon as we can.


Correct. I use Waterfox, which is a 64bit derivative of Firefox.

Okay cool. Gonna close this topic

We’ve pushed out a fix for this issue (refresh Easel if you haven’t).

Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue.

It is fixed, thank you.