Easel Cut Direction Change?

Was there a programming change to Easel today (10/17)? My X-Carve was cutting out a couple parts for a box, going counterclockwise, and the last 2 passes it went clockwise. I’m not sure what the purpose is, unless it’s to provide a way to “clean up” the sides…

I’ve noticed this for a while now, more on longer cuts. I think what it is doing a “climb” cut and if I’m not mistaken yields a better cut edge finish. Although I could be wrong on this!


I too have noticed it a little while back. I also think I read about it here on the forum somewhere that it is an improvement for edge quality like @Rusty says.

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Wouldn’t it be prudent in the bit selection screen to also be able to tell easel that it was upcut, downcut, straight, or v… And let the machine decide then which way it moves?