Easel cuts fine then when close to done cuts in wrong location

When starting a cut everything goes smooth. After about 30 to 40 minutes in, the machine will stop for a second (like it sometimes does with no problems) then it starts cutting from the stopped location and goes way off course running through what has already been cut and starts cutting the correct path again but in the wrong location ruining the last 30 to 40 minutes of work. Checked the set screws-tight, checked all the wires-tight, nothing is on the rails in the way, they are clear, using acme lead screws and they are clean and lubricated, running nema 23 motors with SainSmart TB6600 drivers and have made sure the motors are getting plenty of amps, nothing is overheating, have pc fans on each driver, running the program with the suggested cut settings, checked over everything and connot figure out what is going on, this just started happening in the last few cuts all of a sudden and I havent done anything different. I did try some of the beta functions but I have unchecked them in case that was an issue but it is still happening. I believe I have checked all the obvious things. I have orders piling up and I am now afraid to cut them. HELP MEEEEEE!!

It does not do it in the same direction everytime either. I am at a complete loss. I wish i knew how to put a picture on here.

http://pin.it/NMXWCnh There! I posted it on pinterest at least you can click the link to see what I mean. I was cutting a pattern for a belt buckle that our blacksmith club is casting in bronze.

Your bit might be dull. It does when start heating up. Did you try different bit?

It actually sounds like a controller issue. Can you tell if it is starting up from the last cut or is it skipping parts of the file. The pause and then errors in the cut makes me think the controller is causing it.

Also, post your software work flow and possibly a sample file.

I second controller issue sound like its loosing connection or something. Does your computer go into sleep mode when this happens?

Thank you everyone for your help. I do not know what was happening still but it wasn’t anything to do with the hardware or the electronics. It had to be a software issue or a poor wifi signal or something like that. I bought Vcarve Pro and I am now sending code with UGS Platform and everything works fine with no changes to anything else, just the software.

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The $800 investment was hard to swallow but I think I will make it back fairly quickly. I really love the Vectric software, enough that I now want Aspire, but that will take a little time for that upgrade. Thanks again everyone.