Easel cutting different depths, eratic?

Hi all!

I have been using Easel with my non-Inventables CNC machine running GRBL and an Arduino. I cut one project using the Inlay app and it ran probably 99.9% perfect. I figure it would have been 100% if I slowed my speed down. I ran another different project with the identical settings and it resulted in erratic cuts with differing depths. It cut the initial shape properly but the depth went 3/16" deeper than the settings as well as it had a multi level bottom. I cut the inlay, two passes to a depth of 1/4" and the pocket, 2 passes to 3/16" and it cut twice as deep. I decided to cut a different project and everything was good!

When I create a project I generally use the project before as the template and copy the project so I have the settings set. The project was a basic inlay similar to Inventables video so not a difficult pattern. I went through all of Easel’s help suggestions but none of them addressed the issue I had (all of them really addressed the machine but not software or settings)!

Any help would be appreciated!

Steve B…

Duplicating projects in Easel does not duplicate the settings. The material dimensions and cut settings ‘can’ be different after you duplicate. Check to ensure they’re the same.

Thanks for the reply. True, I actually reset the settings for each project depending on the material and dimensions. The other pockets I cut were good but the one was really strange with multiple depths. As I said I was able to salvage the inlay as it did cut the perimeter correctly but it cut the interior 2x the proper depth!