Easel cutting randomly, / not carving design

I have just set up my X Carve but running test carve’s through Easel the machine seems to have a mind of its own cutting nothing like the design. Sometimes just staying almost in the same spot and digging a hole or moving quite a lot and going off the actual material.

All the motion seems to be fine so it seems like its something to do with the tool path creation/ sending/ receiving.

Extremely frustrating… any tips would be much appreciated.

It sounds like a similar situation I had, and it turned out to be the browser I used with Easel. I tried using Firefox to run Easel when it would do the “random cutting”, so I installed Chrome and that fixed the problem. Also make sure you don’t have any other additional browser windows/tabs open.

When you first click carve, you have the machine jogging controls on the right side. If you set it up for say…3 inches, and go right, left, up, and back - do they move 3 inches in each direction?

I had an issue where wires from the Y axis came loose from the Arduino/G-shield partway into a job, and just ended up with a big hole down the Y0 line. It was moving X and Z, but not Y.

Double and triple check things like wiring, belt tension, and eccentric nut tightness around the machine.

Re-checking all the wiring seemed to do the trick, couldn’t work out exactly where the issue was but everything is working great now. Thanks…