Easel design screen Text box

Thinking this is a dumb question…so basic. In easel design I’m placing text box on design screen. I cannot edit the text from “Text”. I double click on text and nothing happens. This is way too basic and I have so much more to learn to be stuck on this!! Lol

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This is a new problem showed up for me first thing yesterday morning.

It looks like there is an issue with showing the cursor, but you can still edit the text if you click and type.

We will look into fixing the cursor issue on Monday.

Im having the same problem here. Also not able to delete objects… uggg

You can delete the object by selecting it and clicking Edit / Remove from the menus.

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Ahh, got it. Thank you!

You ca also right-click and select “Remove”

Thank you

Easel fix should be pushed globally now, you would need to refresh the browser but the text box should function as before again now.

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@SethCNC is correct, this has been fixed.


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