Easel dev blog: Faster Bézier path bounding boxes

Hi everyone,

One of our top priorities recently is improving Easel’s ability to work with complex projects. To that end, we’ve been looking for ways to make changes, large and small, to make Easel faster and more responsive. It’s very much an ongoing process, so you can expect to see Easel improve over time.

We thought people outside the company might be interested in the products of this effort, so I wrote up a short article—with diagrams! and equations!—explaining one improvement we made earlier this week:




At what point is this used. Generating toolpaths for a carve, or during design use and/or 3D preview ?

Easel does bounding box calculations at various points both while creating/editing a design and while generating toolpaths. This optimization probably makes a bigger difference to designing than to toolpath generation. To be clear, though, it’s only one part of Easel’s workload, so the overall improvement from this particular change is just a few percent. (But small improvements add up!)


Awesome! Thanks for sharing, I hope you guys continue to do so as you develop and add more features/improvements.

This is pretty nice. Seeing the precise bounding box is one of those small things that I just glazed over maybe because Easel is a web app, but the fact that you guys are working on stuff like this both big and small is what keeps me coming back to Easel.

Great job!