Easel Dimension V cut Dimension

I recently needed to make an inside cut of 11 3/4 by 9 1/4 with rounder corners
using a 1/4 bit.
Cutting with this dimension left the actual carving short.
In order to get that dimension, I needed to add 1/16 to each side.
Is this the software or its just not that accurate or my machine setup?

Research calibration of axis

Thanks Seth !
I thought the X Carve was plug and play.

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Nominal calibration measurements are used. It should be much closer than 1/16" by default so its possible youve got other issues as well. Like loose belts or loose eccentric nuts on the vwheels. . .
Or possibly the incorrect cut setting or bit info was used. Very hard to tell with this information… but since tou were talking about cnc movement i started with the process to calibrate movement… but it could be that other stuff…


I check belts, made sure my GRBL settings are correct and ran a test box of 2 x 2 x .125.

Off by .010 on X axis and .021 on Y axis and .012 on Z axis.

Would this be considered normal acceptance ?

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the issue is either CNC calibration: How to Calibrate the XCarve: Stepper Calibration - YouTube
Deflection of the spindle/Bit (router with a bad bearing)
or loose/ incorrectly set Vwheen eccentric nuts or Belts.
those are your most probable causes.

Thanks for the feedback Seth.

I will keep trying.

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