Easel disconnects just before hitting carve

I have been experiencing this for sometime, go through all the items to get a carve started and just after hitting start the spindle… boom… not green connection, just an ugly blue carve button with no response from easel. Need to turn off the xcontroller, shut down the browser supporting easel, bring everything back up. Makes connection go through all the screens and hit start the spindle finger crossed to make sure can start carve. I is inconvenient but is there anyone who experiences this also.


So your USB drop out the instant you flick on your router?
If so, your router is emitting RF noise which is picked up by your USB cable causing the connection to drop out.
Dewalt 611? Check the brushes for wear. (replaceable)
QuietSpindle? Replace it, notoriously noisy.

Ferrite cores on the USB cable and power cord running to your router may also suppress RF noise reception.

Thanks for the info… question on Dewalt 611 is less than 1year old, the brushes go that fast?

If you run it 4hrs a day they might be toast in a month or two. Reports are 100-200hrs of good use (mainly at speed #1, higher = faster wear) It is certainly one possibility worth (and easy) to check / rule out.
Replacements brushes are cheapish and available if they need to be changed.

I am pretty sure your issue is FR noise, question is from where. Solidify the USB chain by using a shielded USB cable, preferably with ferrite ring at the USB/PC side and also try a externally powered USB hub.

Thank you all for quick responses, will check out the USB and Power chain first see if that fixes, then get some brushes for replacement, I don’t think I have ran more than 100 hours, but hey who knows :slight_smile:

Thanks again will keep posted on this

Shielded and properly grounded. Just shielded without grounding helps very little.

just a P.S.A. for those that did not know.

So both the power and usb ferrite cores on both, now Kenneth when you say grounded, is that verify the circuit the dewalt is plugged into is house wiring grounded? Also, would putting a ferrite core ring around all cables possibly help if noise is the issue? Would having the power connection too close to the computer and xcontroller have any effect possibly?

Sorry just some questions that are coming to mind after reading the above posts.

One thing I do notice is when using USG as the sender this does not happen.

when you use shielded wire you need to ground the shield to an earth ground for it do any good against Radio Frequency “RF” noise.

from Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shielded_cable
The best way to wire shielded cables for screening is to ground the shield at both ends of the cable.[1] Traditionally there existed a rule of thumb to ground the shield at one end only to avoid ground loops. Best practice is to ground at both ends, but there is a possibility of ground loops. In airplanes, special cable is used with both an outer shield to protect against lightning and an inner shield grounded at one end to eliminate hum from the 400 Hz power system.

I had to shield all my wires when I was tring to use a high frequency start plasma cutter with the X-Carve. learned a lot from that experience. and yes it was cool to use the X-Carve like that (even built a custom plasma table to mount the X-Carve to).