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Easel does not see Arduino


Really hope someone can help here as I’m tearing out what little hair I have left!

Here’s what I have:

Elegoo uno R3 on COM 3
Grbl 1.1h
Easel local 0.3.20
Windows 10

Can send commands and get correct responses via Arduino IDE serial monitor
Can connect to Arduino with UGS and appears to function ok
However Easel does not recognise the Arduino. I have installed the FDTI drivers from the link on the help page but to no avail.

Many thanks

If UGS or other application connection to the Com-port, it will not be available for Easel to connect.

Yes I realise that ,they are not connected at the same time, I mentioned it because it proves, or should do, that the Arduino/ports are functioning correctly and that its likely to be an issue with Easel local.

Further to my initial post, I forced the Arduino on to Com 1, well anything’s worth a try!

I had a similar issue when I first connected my X Carve. There was a conflict with my Wacom tablet. I can’t remember what needed to be removed from my Wacom software, but if you have a tablet there may be a conflict with the software.