Easel doing weird things to my svg

So I have autocad and illustrator to generate precise cuts on cad and convert them to svg by opening them in illustrator. I then import the svg into easel. All sounds great except easel seems to be doing weird things to the file. I have two pics the first is the object in illustrator (a side piece from a small dove tail box) and the second is what the file looks like when imported in easel.

any ideas?

ooohhhkay, the easel one doesn;t show up. Really, not my day. but basically it’s splitting the file into two pieces and offsetting the two peices so that the paths no longer line up.

Yeah, always a good idea to give your object a fill color. You don’t see the fill = it’s not closed and can’t be cut.

I’m having a similar problem with how Easel uses svg files generated in Illustrator. I think I’ve narrowed it down to shapes generated using the pen tool that are straight-line polygons. In a text editor, those shapes have the attribute “polygon” and Easel seems to ignore the position data in the attribute.

Here’s what my file should look like:

here’s what Easel is doing to it:

Notice how each of the shapes that are displaced is an irregular polygon? Meaning, not a rectangle or circle, has no curve to it.

Now, when I open the .svg file in a Text editor, here’s what I see:

Amongst all that gobblety gook, you can see the “polygon” elements in there. Those are the shapes that Easel is displacing. Not the “path” elements, not the “rect” or “circle” elements.

As a temporary workaround until they fix this, I took all the elements that were polygons and in Illustrator applied “round corners” with a .004mm radius, the minimum it allows. This didn’t change much of anything in the design, but it converted all the polygon elements to path elements in the .svg and caused it to render correctly in Easel.

Now, I don’t know if it will cut properly or not. The toolpaths look ok, there isn’t any weirdness such as random bit raises or rapids, and there look to be sharp points where I applied the rounded corner so it seems that .004mm is outside Easel’s threshold of what it can render as a radius.

Here’s hoping they fix this bug in Easel soon, because troubleshooting files like this is a huge time waste and pain in the butt.

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the object is closed in AUTOcad where it was generated, and filled in illustrator where it was converted to svg. The problem is with the way easel is importing it, not with the object sadly.