Easel down again, again?

Was using easel as normal yesterday

this morning it comes up with that I have to set up my machine !!

Click setup…and it goes to a blank screen

Any help…greatly appreciated please

Hi @Kel - if you haven’t already, make sure to reach out to our Customer Success team. You can reach them here.

I’d recommend using Chrome.

There was also a fairly recent driver update.

I already received a response from customer service.

Neil and Drew
You are right…I had to change to google chrome to get the machine up and running

it was a waste of a days production due to this easel upset

Customer service gave a great response, but I must have missed the email or notification to say " unless you install google chrome, the machine won’t work"

Thank you all

I use a Mac and Safari and over the past 2 weeks, I’ve had to re-setup my machine a couple of times.