So I have been using Easel Pro version for over a year now. I no longer have an xcarve, however I still kept my Easel Pro subscription and have had no problems generating code to use on my machine.

The problem:
I noticed since 3 days ago, when exporting files they are empty 1kb files. I usually have to shut down my browser and restart Easel. It does this both in Chrome and Internet explorer. Nothing has changed on the computer. It’s my shop computer.

Anyone else ran into this problem? Any solutions?

When you say export, do you mean ‘Download as ZIP’? I just tried it and I found the project (a small one) was about 10k.

No, I do the “Machine” tab hit “Advanced” then Generate Gcode and finally export.

Most files a small. However the 1kb ones are empty. I can upload them to the machine. But there are no commands.

Can you share a project where you see this behavior?

To Share the Easel Project > Click File>Share and change the type from Private to Unlisted, then copy that link & post the link in here… Sharing the link will only share a copy so don’t worry, nobody can actually edit your file :+1:

The file is fine.cut as designed. It spits it out with the gcode in it as long as I restart the browser, I literally do nothing else than to restart browser log in and re-export exact same project, happened on more than one project. IAlready cut painted and stained the project.

It works, just annoying having to restart the browser, again it happens on both browsers I use. The bad file, (empty file) is sitting in my Trash folder on my shop computer. I’ll post it tomorrow. Thanks for the replys.

Interesting, What browser are you using? Chrome seems to work the best

Chrome and Microsoft edge. At first it was Chrome, I figured the browser had something wrong with it so went to Edge. And same thing.

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Hi @JannetteJHenderson, I’m sorry for the problem. We’ve identified and fixed the bug. If you still encounter the problem please let us know. Thanks!

(If you have any Easel browser tabs already open, they’ll need to be reloaded (just once!) to receive the update.)


Perfect. Thank you. I’m glad you guys are on here reading comments. I knew I wasn’t going crazy. I’ve been using Easel for over a year and have never had that problem.