Easel Enhancement Requests - Easier Co-Ordinate viewing and resetting x,y,z Co-Ordinates

Hi, I absolutely love Easel, just wanted to say that. The way you have offered this for free is amazing and the way you keep updating the program and just making it so much better is also amazing.

I have a couple of suggestions which I’ve always wished for with Easel to help make it even better. They are very basic but I think very effective. I apologise if these things have already been raised before.

I always find it a pain to know what the co-ordinates my machine are at before/after a carve. The only way I can see there is to view co-ordinates is through the Machine Menu, Advanced and Machine Inspection. What would be great is when you click on the Carve button, the co-ordinates are displayed on the right hand side under the controls to move the machine around.

In addition to seeing the co-ordinates, i would like to be able to reset to 0 for all 3 axis and again it would be good if there was a button in the carve screen on the right hand side to reset all co-ordinates.

Quite often I work with a large design, I like to start the carve from the middle or the top, so I move the design accordingly on the grid so 0,0 is at the middle or at the top of the design. This means that the bottom section of the design has no grid for reference, or the design is missing off the screen completely. It would be good if you could have the design on the grid all the time. Or is there a way to do this already?

Thanks heaps and once again, I think Easel is awesome!