Easel failing to start job?

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone else had some issues with easel yesterday. I had completely 4/5 30min jobs and when I started one more I could get to the point where I selected ‘raise spindle’, but when I hit ‘carve’ nothing happened. This persisted for about 30 minutes, I tried reloading the browser, my laptop etc to no avail… did anyone else have a problem or is it something on my end?



Yes, I had something like this as well, with imported g-code files. Carved a few, went to do another, and nothing.
packed it in for the night, worked fine today.


Brilliant, thanks for the response. I tried the same carves again today with no problems… glad i haven’t fried my machine… although that would have been a convenient excuse to get an x-controller.