[Easel Feature Request] Edit: Paste In Place

Paste Object Alignment

When copy pasting an object the pasted object is automatically moved adjacent to the original.
However, there are times when I want to have the copy / paste in the same location as the original.
And additional “Past In Place” command would be nice.

In this case I have several objects of different depths overlapping that I want to make a finally outline cut to free from the material. I make a copy of all the shapes, combine them, send it to the bottom.

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I think that could be in settings… Specify a Copy Offset, which could be set to zero.

Easel has a “Settings” option?
Where is that? I am not seeing it…
(I am using Chrome if that makes a difference)

No, that was a suggestion to the development team. :slight_smile:

One of the features that I am familiar with in Aspire lets you copy objects in all kinds of cool manners, like specifying number of copies, offset, direction, grid, even a setting to copy around in a circle. A menu option like this im sure would be a hit in easel. its great for doing small production runs, or some cool geometricational artwork.