Easel Feature Request: Notify in web UI when safety plunger is in locked position

This will sound dumb … but i accidentely pushed my safety plunger down on x-controller without knowing it at end of a session.

Few days later … went back to carve, but machine wouldn’t connect … always stayed blue in easel. Spent couple days trying to figure out why laptop would not connect to x-controller. :slight_smile: :thinking:

Finally, i figured out the safety plunger was stuck in the engaged position … i popped it into its non-engaged position and back to carving. Boy i’ll feel dumb about this one … but i’ll never do it again.

Requesting a feature in the Easel web UI … to alert the user that the safety plunger is engaged and locked. Maybe a notification or some other visual indication … like coloring the carve button red or something.

Also, is this something I can try to POC myself using the easel repo on github? If so, where should I start. Would love to find out more about dev for easel.

Thanks for a great product … really loving the x-carve and easel.

How could it do that if it won’t connect?
This wouldn’t be an Easel UI feature.

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Perhaps a light in the controller, that lights when the emergency switch contact is broken.


I think this could be an easel UI feature if the API is extended … if you consider the ui behavior …

User engages the safety plunger … the Carve button turns blue from green …

After the plunger press and before the Carve button turns blue … looking at the network tab and setting a couple breakpoints in methods on the Easel object … there are some methods related to connection state … the code was minified so couldn’t see too much. i saw sockets too

The connection state changes and the API notifies the UI … the button changes from green to blue …

Somewhere in the API the connection state is tracked and stored … if the API could have a flag to denote somehow that the plunger was pressed, setting and storing a flag … in storage across sessions … persisted in storage … i did see Redux and LocalStorage but didn’t look further to see if data was read from DB or if it’s all in session.

A user coming back to a new session … API could retrieve and check the safety flag, if it’s true, the UI could respond by displaying a notification to the user to disengage the plunger.

I don’t think the use case is common enough for the amount of work, but it probably could be done … if there is a hook to derive when the plunger is pressed VS a disconnected usb cable.

How would there be communication with the controller if power is broken?
That is the function of the E-stop button, its a panic button full stop. If its engaged / locked the Power LED will not light up.

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No effective difference between the E-stop and a power outage or a pulled plug or a complete lack of a CNC controller. The switch simply cuts power. It is not an input for any sort of logic.