Easel file for the Spindle Insert Plate for the dust boot?

Here are the specs from Inventables. Just curious if someone already did the legwork to turn this into an Easel file already. The shipping cost for these $2 inserts are over $10, so I’m looking to make my own that would be made of stronger material than offered.

[Original Link of the specs](file:///C:/Users/timpe/Downloads/432-00009%20(1).pdf)

Made one for you.

took about ten minutes.

use inkscape to open PDF file from the site.

remove all the lines you do not want.

join all nodes.

save as SVG

import into Easel.

set outline cut to outside.

set four holes to inside.

done. really not that hard and I hope that you try this so that you can do it yourself in the future.


I don’t have inkscape. I guess that’s the problem. I only have Corel and couldn’t figure out how to keep the correct tolerance on the bends
Thank you for helping out!

inkscape is a free program to download and use, and it has binary files for most all systems. windows mac or Linux just choose which one you need and then you have a vector editing program that is very powerful.

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If you’re running Windows 10, Inkscape is even easier to install from the Microsoft Store (it’s free). Go here.