Easel folders

Is there a way in Easel to put a bunch of projects into a folder. Let’s say I want to carve the whole alphabet from A-Z and I want a project for each letter because I might want different Fonts or shapes or whatever I want for each letter. Now instead of opening up easel and having 26 projects for the alphabet could I just put them in a folder and just open that folder when needed.


Almost everyone on the forum has been asking for this for almost three years I’ve been here.

Still don’t have folders for projects in Easel.

I bet Easel Pro doesn’t have it either.

What do you think Phil, you guys ever going to do this?

Your best bet is to use the Workpieces function.

Not ideal but it’s a work around.


I agree with this. It isn’t great, but make one project for… signs for example and just keep additional in workpieces under it. This gets messy if you are like me with multiple workpieces due to the way dual stage carving works

@LarryM -thanks for your follow-up on this topic. We have heard the feedback and passed it along to the Easel team for consideration but can’t say at this time when an enhancement along these lines might be coming.

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A workaround for those with a lot of projects to manage: