Easel Fonts

A feature that I would like to request is additional fonts available in Easel. Fonts like Old English and Times New Roman would be great. I believe this is the second time i have started this thread.

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Yeah, I agree. It would be great for more fonts - Maybe able to use fonts installed on your own machine.

As a suggestion for the issue at hand, you can use a third party software to do this. I use aspire which lets you use fonts installed on your system. Then you just export the text to svg and import it into Easel.

As a workaround, you can use Inkscape to layout your type, create outlines from it and save an .svg to import into Easel.

Programs like Inkscape or Illustrator are meant to work with vectors and type, and have much better tools for working with it. Things like Kerning, Leading, putting type on a path or an arc. Easel can’t do any of that with type.