Easel Freezes

Just got back into using my x-carve 1000 since last august 2017. I use Aspire to create a 24 inch by 24 inch layout with 4inch by 4 inch what I call icon looking items. total 24 squares. I SVG it then I import it into Easel which looks great and I make sure my depth cut in all is good. I go to carve and it gets to the toolpath part and freezes 30 minutes later it’s still at that point. I deleted 5 of the rows so that there was only one row of 6 icon shaped squares and tried again and this took 8 minute. What changed last year I was doing the 24x24 I went to carve and it started carving after I click the button. Right now it say Pro Carve in the upper right hand corner. (to which I didn’t ask for but it’s there). these are 6 simple line art drawings. Using Windows 10 have tried this on two new computers same thing. Any thoughts.

Can’t you generate a toolpath in Aspire?

I can and I’m going back to Aspire learning how to just generate the G-Code (I’ll have to learn that side of the software) I just found Easel easy to import the SVG file setup my depths and carve. But I still would like to know why Easel won’t work correctly I have a bunch of projects in the easel. Makes me go back to wishing that easel was stand alone program where I could go back and have the easel project copies on my desk system.

I had to do some memory allocation to the browser to make easel pro work. If you are comfortable playing with settings it is easy. not perfect but it works there can still be slow downs but I no longer have any lockups where everything becomes useless.

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