Easel G code generator issues

I have had a couple carves where the Z axis just goes up for no reason and starts cutting air in the middle of the carve (doesn’t happen all of the time). I started generating G code in easel to see if this was in the code. I did a simple .05" depth hole and the code generated has a Z .075" movement in the middle of the program. I’ve generated this code a few times and it don’t always show up with that movement? Any issues with Easel right now? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Can you share the easel project via the share link after setting to “unlisted”

Sorry, I was pretty vague there. So I have had Easel with my X carve for a few years. Recently bought a CNC4NEWBIE New Carve with the Demon controller. First I guess I should have checked to see if Easel will work the controller with no issues? Anyways, all I did was assemble the machine and set-up through Easel “new machine”, used grbl settings from Phil Johnson’s instructions on the site and got through everything fine. Did a simple test carve (218), ran fine. Went to do a second carve (one of the dog bone shapes in Easel) and @ 75% through the carve Z axis traversed up @ 1/2" or so above the work piece but continued the cutting path. When I saw this I stopped the program in Easel with the “X” button and the Z axis buried the bit into the work piece and started going home. Stopped everything, rehomed, ran same program again no issues. Tried anothet cut with just text, touched off of the work piece (not using probe), started and machine took off to position like it was ready to cut then Z traversed up again and started cutting air so I paused it (in Easel) so it wouldn’t crash then shut off, started back up, homed etc. I’ve checked for any loose wires at all connections or any mechanical issues and have found nothing. I’ve also verified grbl settings are correct and not changing, they are not. Machine is calibrated as well, machine moves as it should in manual and correct distance. With it being eratic as it is Im scared to run it without being right there, but only seems to be an issue with Z axis as well?! Any suggestions?

everything in that write up of the fault would lead me to believe a loose wire connection. I know you said you checked them all, but that’s the only thing that I know of that would cause that issue and a loose wire would certainly cause those exact type of faults.

IT COULD also be EMI related IF your AC cabling is too close to the USB Cable… maybe try a shorter USB cable and one that’s shielded and has ferrite beads to help reduce EMInterference…

I believe my issue is with the USB as you as stated. I’ve had some issues with the USB port on my laptop lately and the AC cabling was running really close, probably touching the USB cable. Ive got a new laptop on the way along with a new shielded cable. We’ll see if that does the trick. Honestly the only thing that makes sense outside of loose wiring, like you said, and I’ve quadruple checked that! Lol. Thanks for all your help! Much appreciated! Happy holidays!

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