Easel glitching

Program keeps glitching, flashes the screen to black then goes to a blank project in the middle of designing. The project for the most part is saved minus the last change or two but its SUPER annoying. Is there a fix in the works for this? Tried on multiple computers and browsers and all having the same issue. Clearly its Easel.

I have been having the same issue here. Super frustrating. I have not found a fix yet.

I just reached out to support. well see what comes from it

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I reached out to support by email over a day ago and then called today and left a voicemail. I have heard that there are people that have emailed with no response. My thought is, they are having a serious issue.

They need to get off the cloud with this and let people have it on your computers. Too many issues with doing this from the cloud! If I get a response I will post!

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Seems like this issue might have been from the new image drop they just did. Lots more images. Still very gltichy.