Easel GRBL Firmware Update

Hi Easel Users!

We recently released a new firmware update for Easel, version 1.1g. This firmware release is a MINOR firmware release and contains only anomaly fixes and no new major features or incompatible changes to the interface. This firmware has been tested by the Inventables Team in the areas affected by the source changes and by running a job in Easel and exercising the hardware and software controls and has been found to work as intended and expected.

After not carving for about 1 month, I had a simple milling job to do today. I uploaded the firmware update as prompted. I also added a controlled power relay box to turn on spindle. No big deal I thought. Spindle came on, worked fine for setup check. But, 3 attempts at running this 53 minute carve resulted in the machine stopping after about 15-20% of the carve complete. Carve progress menu goes away. Still communicating as the carve button is green, but it wants to home the machine.