Easel grid size or simple 2d CAD for snap grid shapes at 1/16in?


Totally green CNC user here, my son and I built up a Sainsmart Pro kit last weekend and we’re wanting to make some basic cuts to assemble a box as our first project, typical design, some edges would have teeth that fit to others so it assembles like a puzzle, 6 pieces total.

I’m looking for recommendations for a totally simple (think for dummies), preferably freeware program that would allow us to create 2d shapes via snap grid down to 1/16 of an inch in measurement. Easel would be absolutely perfect for what we want to do but I can’t figure out how to scale the grid below 1 inch, if that is possible I’d really love to know how.

Thanks for any help and suggestions,


Easel has an app for box making.
Also in easel you can select your shape and then edit to the size you want.
No need to change the background grid size.

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