Easel GUI - is it going to be improved?

Other posts/threads in the forum have discussed design changes, feature requests, menu changes, etc. In all the posts I’ve found, I’ve not once found anyone from Inventables engineering(software) reply that any of these submissions/suggestions is a ‘good idea’, ‘will be considered’, etc. We’ve seen some nice features added during this time; vcarve, dynamic feed changes, detailed preview, and more fonts. But nothing to address the overall usability of the product.

If these new features that will be part of the Easel Pro are intended to help the business owners, then why not make the product easier to use overall; streamline usability/process flow, etc?

I won’t talk about the previous suggestions here, you can find them, but many people have made some really good suggestions that are met with silence.

Anyone know if any improvements other than ‘features’ are coming in Easel/Easel Pro?

Hi Traxxtar,

I sent you a PM with a little more detail, but the short answer is “Yes!” Investing in and improving the usability of the Easel platform is very important to us and we are committed to it.


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