EASEL HACK - USE V-BITS for small simple text in Easel Basic

Just sharing a very simple hack I am sure others have likely found but I am not sure anyone has shared it. You don’t have to use Easel Pro for small simple text. You can instead use Easel Basic and “fool the machine” by selecting a tiny basic bit size (I use .020 in). Then just put a V-Bit in your spindle instead and carve like normal.

PLEASE NOTE This only works with simple text (I use “Intro”) at a shallow depth like .03-.05 in. I use this method to put my name or small inscriptions for the bottoms of projects. Its a good Idea to do a test, and I am sure there are other variations of this method, but maybe it will save you from using up a carve day on a more simple carve.

This can also work with larger round nose bits but you have to tweak the numbers.
Happy Carving Makers !

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You can use text within Inkscape, save it as .SVG and inport it into Easel. It might need some manual path optimization, but should work as well.

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