Easel has a mind of its own

So I’ve had my Easel now for about 4 years and have never really successfully carved anything. I get frustrated and just shelve it for awhile. Here’s the problem. I put in all proper cut settings and material thicknesses and Easel cuts how ever it wants. Depths and so forth. I don’t know if its a calibration problem or what. It will work occasionally on something small but never repeatedly. I know this isn’t enough information but I’m frustrated and at the point of unloading it and moving on. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have an X-CARVE? In Easel, go into the Machine Inspector, type in $$, and hit Enter. Copy the the returned parameters and paste them into a reply here.


Brandon Parker


I am guessing but it sounds like you are loosing steps, causing the machine to loose track of its actual position and carving become “random”.

4 years old, I assume you have the Arduino + gshield then?
Are the steppers 1,7" or 2,3" wide across their back plate?