Easel has forgotten my X-carve size

Easle has forgotten that I have a 1000mm X-Carve. I always do my design on my desktop PC and then load up a laptop or tablet to run the carve in my work shop. Today I opened Easle to discover that all of my designs think my X-Carve is 300mm x 300mm. I am guessing this is just a matter of setting up my machine again. But what gives? I never made this change!

OK, I may have spoken too soon, it looks like my tablet remembers the real size of my machine. I guess it is a variable stored locally, not in Easel? I probably changed it accidentally on my desktop machine.

I think this information is stored per browser, so if you clear your cache it will also “forget” your settings.

I have the problem that it never remembers. Using Firefox i have to set the machine every time.

Any chance it could remember settings on the sever side? Very frustrating


Not trying to be “that guy” but how crucial is it for easel to know your machine size? You can literally place the part outside the boundaries and easel will still cut it. I do this a lot when using easel, I set the toolpath to center by moving my parts off the main easel “platform”

As long as your code is good, and you are aware of your home position and dimensions of cuts, you shouldn’t need it. It can be frustrating when it tells you “part to big for platform” or whatever that error is, but still. Or am I missing something else here?
Again, no disrespect intended, just not seeing the issue.

I guess I can see in the rare instance someone has more than one x-carve, it might be convenient to keep this stored per browser.

I did not realize you could cut outside the defined boundaries of the machine… something to keep in mind I suppose. My experience with these types of machines comes from my solidoodle, the software you use to print won’t let you jog outside of the machine boundaries once you have zeroed it… I was literally thinking inside the box lol.

For me I got the impression that it needs to know my machine size and type of lead screw to perform the cut correctly. Also when I open my saved work I would like to see it sized to the work. So far this has been the only downside to a great machine and software.