Easel has stopped moving the machine

When I go to set up the machine for a project, nothing works or moves. I did notice a change when you start up Easel… The option to choose a machine manufacturer time period is there. This Problem started after this change. Also, UGS seems to work just fine when controlling the machine so maybe something is up with Easel?

having the same issue… all my grbl controllers work in candle or deskpronto but easel wont control cnc, ive uninstalled everything and just put easel on still no control

Sounds like there is an issue with how the Com-port of the PC is set up / or not being available.
One can for instance not have both UGS and Easel connected at the same time as the Com-port can only be assigned to one program at a time.

I have noticed when my project crashes ( I have had to hit the STOP command for any reason),

I need to exit completely out of easel and then reload the page from the start (sign up and all).

That said, I do not have to redo all of my settings for the project. I only have to reset

the Z axis height press carve and continue on. Don’t know if I am missing something

easier such as just pressing the refresh arrow on the page(which does not work), but

completely logging out of the program and going back in seems to work as to reconnecting

the machine.

Hope this helps.

carve on!!

Lance (3018 Pro).