Easel Hidden Feature? Does anyone else know about this?

I just found a neat feature in Easel. Maybe everyone else knew already and I’m late to the party, who knows.

The “Domino” of radio buttons that you use to define a reference point when you’re moving your shapes around also functions as an anchor if you change a shape’s dimension.

For instance, if I had a rectangle, 150mm wide by 100mm tall, whose right edge was in the correct position but needed to be 160mm wide, I could click on the upper right point on the domino and when I change the size of the rectangle it will leave the right edge where it is and extend the left edge.

Very unexpected and cool!


I’m glad you noticed and liked it! Yeah it is really useful for centering things, particularly with respect to a shape that doesn’t “exist” like the work area itself.

It came in quite handy for fixing a pocket that I didn’t carve the right size.

I too have used this to great effect. And it is awesomesauce with bacon sprinkles.