Easel - How about an UNDO!

How about a way to back up the change list.
Or an easier way to start a new design from the current one! Not just from your demo!!!
VERY frustrated losing a good amount of time.


Jim F.

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As already mentioned there are two methods to aid with the issue(s) you are talking about.

Was there another workflow you are describing, where the default UNDO command will not work?
The UNDO command does not appear to save between sessions (closing and opening a new browser window).
If this is the case, please make your Feature Request more detailed so the community, and more importantly Inventables can understand the issue.

Even more importantly is the need to have opt-in control of changes. What I mean by that is if you open any project for carving you must immediately save a copy just to safely look at any of the individual objects for fear of accidentally changing something in the original. Easel is the only application I have ever run across that automatically changes the original without asking you. I end up with copy upon copy of the same thing just for safety.

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Yes, i see in your menu’s that you have those selections.
When i was working on the design, there was no “Make a copy” selection under the File menu.
I had created a plate of parts and tried to find a way to copy the plate, remove a few parts and add a few more.
After i removed about half of the parts, and started adding the new parts, i wanted to review the first plate of parts, only to find that the old copy of the plate was now gone! At that point, i found that there was no “Undo …” selection under the edit menu. ( I had logged out of the session and re-logged in, in an attempt to find a way to recover the work.)
This is more frustration with dealing with a dynamic menu system that changes based on who you are and what point of your design you are in i suppose. you get what you pay for.
It would be nice to be able to have a menu item under File to “Make a new from current”

Sorry to have created a such fuss.