Easel initial calibration axis test, X and Y reversed

Finished setting up my X-Carve and when I test jog each axis the X axis runs in the correct direction, so does the Z axis. The Y axis is reversed. So I select for Easel to change the polarity to correct the Y axis direction, but doing so changes the X axis to move in the wrong direction now. I can either have X and Z moving correctly, or Y and Z moving correctly, but X and Y never move in the correct position at the same time. I’m stumped.

The X axis moves left and right. The Y axis moves forward and back. Are you using that definition when you refer to your axis issues?

Yes. When I toggle X left, it goes right. And right sends it left. Reversing the polarity in Easel corrects it but then Y is reversed. Toggling Y towards the front sends it towards the back. If I have Easel correct Y it then reverses X again.

I had the same issue, and there is a software bug that prevents flipping the direction of travel through the setup in easel.

I tried probably six times before just giving up and swapping the wires at the connectors on the back of the x-controller.


If you go directly to grbl the setting is $3. It is a bit definition type setting. The bit order is ZYX from left to right.

For example: reversing the Z axis would be 100 binary = 4 decimal $3=4
reversing Y would be 010 binary = 2 decimal $3=2
reversing X would be 001 binary = 1 decimal $3=1

reversing X and Y would be 010 + 001 binary = 3 decimal $3=3

if $3=1 and the x axis is moving the wrong direction then set $3=0, likewise for the other axes

Had similar issue. x and z were backwards, y was ok. If I changed x in machine setup it reversed the y axis. Found if I only changed one, told the software the others were ok, and followed through to the end of the setup it would remember it. I then re-launched machine setup again and changed the other axis (z) that was backwards and followed it through as well to the end. Ran machine setup again and all was good.