Easel inlay issues

Hi All: I have been using Easel for my Inlays for a couple of years now with great success. Recently I switched out my driver board, calibrated my machine to within .001" and I tried to do a simple inlay with a few problems. On all my inlays the inlay piece is always tighter. I checked my bit and it measures .125. I start by importing a shape via Image Trace, I set my preferences and import the image. Then I resize it and use the Inlay App, I set my bit size to 0.125 and my tolerance to 0.008. I watched Mo’s video about the tolerance settings where she says 0.003 would be a tight fit so I go 0.005 larger.

So my question(s) is 1) am I missing something with my setup? 2) what tolerances are others using that work for them.
I have read through all the forums but I can’t cut the inlay first and then the pocket because of burr on the surface so I want to be able to take both pieces through the thickness sander to clean them up and then test fit.
Any insight will be appreciated.

Thank you
Steve B.


Sounds like your tolerances just need to be tweaked a bit. Since you recalibrated, it’s like starting with a new machine/setup. Each machine is just a wee bit different and the tolerances will be different on each. Keep testing…

As the Xcarve is not “a rigid machine” there is some flex at play.
This equal, assuming bit diameters are true to spec, that inside cut parts (pockets) are a little on the short side and outside parts (inlays) are slightly oversized.

So, you need to learn the tolerances of your machine.
Fudge with the stated bit diameter to “cheat” a wider or narrower cut.
For inside cuts say the bit is less than actual and vice versa for outside path, go slow and incremental until you reach proper fit.

However, it might be better to use a V-bit for inlays as you have approaching walls between the pocket and inlay.


Thanks!! I appreciate the help!