Easel is driving me nuts

Having more issues with easel and this one i cant solve myself…

Grbl will not stay connected, it continuously reconnects rendering Easel useless…

The controller work on any other software without problems, candle, lasergrbl etc…

Any help would be great.

Which cnc is this?

It looks kinda like your power is resetting itself, like maybe you’re using a gfci circuit and it’s self resetting.

Slow internet could be the issue, or WIFI is not in good range.

Internet is fine… if i flash grbl 1.1a onto the board it works fine… 1.2d is setup for 5 axis, x, y, cloned y, z and a. Thats the only difference, otherwise configuration is identical.

It a GT2560 board… grbl 1.1a on the same board works fine with easel.

I assure originally it was because i had it set to start up into alarm state if x and y limits were open… but ive disabled everything.

As i said in the op… it runs as expected on any other software, just easel thats flaking out.

easel does not support 5 axis

Will it support cloned y if i remove a axis?

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yes, easel generates gcode that operates with dual Y (y1 and y2) but not another axis (like a rotary typically called the A axis)… Btw, you can simple export the gcode from easel and use one of those other senders… all 3 of my cncs work fine with ease, but I still export and send with openbuilds control since I like the user interface better…


Internet speed is irrelevant to the issue at hand. Once the page loads, there are only a few operations that actually require an active network connection, connecting to the cnc is not one of them… Watch this:

I will try dropping axis 5 today and block reporting of the same axis more than once.

I dont use easel to generate gcode… i only use it as a gcode sender… the cloud feature is handy for prep and process in different places, although it is buggy as hell, it still gets the job done.

Still bot made a difference, ive loaded all the firmwares and it seems that easel stops working at grbl 1.1H… grbl 1.1F or less works.

So i guess ill be abandoning easel for now… i nearly subscribed to the pro version last month as well…

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