Easel Is Moving Around My Text

As the title says, when I import an SVG of font from Inkscape (I control + shift + c) it misplaces all my lettering.

Not sure what is going on, but i’ve tried a bunch of different things from rasterizing them, to doing each word as it’s own letter tool placement, as well as using dashes instead of spaces. I haven’t found anyone with a similar problem on here and so i’ve come for help.

did you convert the text to a path? select the text>path>object to path>save

Yes. I did. That is what control + shift + C does in inkscape.

Hi Rob,

Could you share the SVG file you are using?


Heres the SVG


Ooops. Here we go.


Here’s a slightly modified version of the SVG that should import correctly in Easel. (I removed the ‘text-anchor:middle’ from the embedded style attributes.)

Hope this helps!


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The underlying issue has been identified and should now be fixed. The original SVG should now import as expected.

Please follow up if you are still having issues.


Hey guys. Thanks so much for the help. I ended up getting illustrator last night and therefore fixing the problem. I am very grateful for all the help.