Easel is not responding

Easel is not working keeps saying failed to save and is not responding

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I’m having issues with it too. It simply stops carving. Repeatedly.

I’m just trying to test my machine out, and each timer it eats a new piece of wood, then stops, it costs me money. Even cheap pine costs.

The project is here:


The first time it stopped at 1%. The second time at 2%. The internet and USB connections are both stable. I’m losing my mind.

Try an “air carve” with no material and spindle OFF.

Xcontroller or gshield?

I’m running an X Controller.

Try to bypass the USB front panel plug and rather connect directly to the board inside.
There have been a few reports of bulkhead USB connectors causing disconnects.

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Thanks for the reply! That’s waaaaay out of my depth.

If you try an air carve (as in machine running, but with spindle off and no material) and it complete that just fine then it is likely that the USB receive electrical noise and drop out due to that.

A good quality USB cable with proper shield may help also.

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Thanks Haldor, I will give that a try tomorrow. Great troubleshooting.