Easel is offsetting my carve (Loosing steps)

Oy! This is the second time this happens. I can guarantee my material didn’t move, so why is my x-carve and/or easel doing this and how do I make it stop? Any insight is appreciated!

Your steppers are stalling, something mechanical is slipping (pulleys etc) or your stepper drivers run too hot and intermittently shut down (causing lost steps).

More details please, what machine/controller?
What bit?
Feed rate and router RPM?
Depth per pass?
GRBL parameters?

60 degree vbit
Router @ level 1

Not sure what GRBL parameters are…

I suspect its also Z that lost steps during your carve, I´d check and double-check the mechanical aspects of your Z-axis. Like is the black plastic screw block secured tightly or just firmly (firmly being the ideal as tight might skew the alignment)

Regarding GRBL parameters, these are the rules your controller follows. To pull them up you open Easel - Machine Inspector and type $$ in the Console window, followed by pressing Enter.
A list of $X=Y parameters will follow, copy and paste this here :slight_smile:

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