Easel is toying with me

Has anyone else been having random issues with easel lately?

  • when scrolling left to right on the design window it also slowly scrolls up?
  • When machining out pockets the gcode created leaves areas untouched (no matter what the stepover inputs are)
  • keyboard shortcuts sometimes working and the other times not
  • copy and pasting text results in the text being re-inserted into the first text box, rather than a separate new text box

That’s all I can think of at the moment. But I’m sure I’ll edit this shortly with more issues

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Which operating system and browser?
& can you post an example of the uncut pockets and the easel project link (go to Project>Share and change to unlisted and copy that link)

Here’s a quick video showing what I think the problems are and how to resolve (most of) them…

Also, I’ve had an issue on laptop of the shortcuts not working right in all applications, but that’s because my control key is sticky and doesn’t always like to work. Just a hardware issue on my end, not something easel is doing :man_shrugging:

Hi Seth,

Thanks for the detailed response. I’m using chrome and all of the regular shortcuts work on other windows but not easel for some reason.
The text box issue was occurring when selecting the text box rather than being in the text box as you showed. To add to this, when hitting delete or backspace it will paste the last item within the textbox, or delete something, or paste something entirely different. It’s super weird and very frustrating

The pocket issue wasn’t on any one particular job, it’s a regular occurrence with easel. I’ll put up a file once it happens again.

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