Easel isn’t working

Give it another try and see if you get the same screen.

I just went in with Chrome and Firefox. 9:50 pm est

Try hitting refresh. It’s loading for me. If you’re getting the same error please send Inventables help team an email.

Not working for us this morning either… 3 machines same errors


Loads fine here

Same problem here.

Is inventables working on this?

Yes, they replied in the other thread.

Hi everyone,

We’re aware of the issue affecting Easel project loading. After some investigation, we’ve determined that there are fonts that are causing issues. Specifically, users who have installed “Droid Sans Mono”, “Droid Serif”, “Bree”, or “Libre Sans” fonts cannot load Easel.

We have uninstalled those fonts for affected users, so you should now be able to load Easel again. We are going to be disabling those fonts for the time being until we can resolve the problems with the fonts themselves.

We apologize for the inconvenience and aggravation that this has caused.



I have been having issues with Easel.

  1. Every time I want to use the machine, I have to go through a whole new set up. Every single time.

  2. Toolpaths are taking forever to convert and start carving. At first I suspected my project was “too busy”, but there’s only so much I can take away before it’s no longer the same project. This calculating toolpaths issue is really eating up a lot of time, the machine could be working for me. But instead, I’m always waiting for these conversions.

Hi @MichaelCoonce - if you haven’t already, reach out to our Customer Success team (help@inventables.com or call us: (312) 775-7009)