Easel keeps closing

easel keeps closing down saying that there is not enough storage to run this page ?? never had this problem b4 I have plenty of space on my computer anyone know what is going on

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I am having the same problem with brand new Mac my old Mac 6 years old works fine go figure

Same issues and its mostly with one project im working on.

Same here I get the message ‘This project has been modified by another instance of Easel. If you wish to keep the changes in this window, you can make a copy’. Have tried everything and am now stuck with a project I cannot complete

Hi folks, we’ve just fixed a recent bug that was causing Easel to use more memory than usual when editing projects, which was leading to these messages and projects sometimes getting reloaded. Sorry for the trouble!

I had the same problem and have found the issue in my case down to Safari if I use a different Browser on my MacBook I don’t get the problem