Easel keeps dropping its connection to my X-Carve

While trying to carve a very simple project today, Easel lost contact with my X-Carve about half way through the carve. After restarting my laptop I was able to reconnect with Easel. I ran the carve a second time and once again, it lost contact with 80% complete. After both disconnects, Easel responded with the “job done” pop up. Following the 2nd disconnect I tried restarting everything but could not connect at all with Easel. On a lark, I launched Universal G-Code Sender and it connected without any problem. As a workaround, I exported my g-code from Easel and ran the carve successfully with Universal G-Code Sender. At first I thought it was my usb connection, but since Universal G-Code Sender had no problem connecting and running my g-code, I am inclined to believe the issue is with Easel. I have been using my X-Carve for over a year now without any problems so this is a real head scratcher. Any ideas as to what’s going on?

I went back and reread some of the other threads and it occurred to me that I may have a fluorescent light fixture that isn’t grounded properly. I’ll fix that and replace the usb cable with a braided one.